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This section presents all the academic papers, documents, and reports discussed in the Research page. As more evidence from individuals, the press, and scientific community presents itself, we will update this page with more resources for you to stay informed.

Research Section Files

Hydrogeology and Geography

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Name Downloads File Size
Ezcurra et al. 2019 – A natural experiment reveals the impact of hydroelectric dams on the estuaries of tropical rivers
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Warrick et al. 2019 – World's largest dam removal reverses coastal erosion
238 downloads bytes
Zeng and Cai 2014 – Analyzing streamflow changes irrigation-enhanced interaction between aquifer and streamflow in the Republic River basin
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Aguiar et al. 2016 – Riverscapes of hydropower dams – effect of altered flows and historical land-use change
222 downloads bytes
Benejam et al. 2014 – Ecological impacts of small hydropower plants on headwater stream fish – from individual to community effects
210 downloads bytes
Casas-Mullet et al. 2016 – Hydropower operations in groundwater-influenced river implications for Atlantic salmon
206 downloads bytes
231 downloads bytes
Jansson et al. 2000 – Fragmentation of riparian floras in rivers with multiple dams
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Biogeochemistry and Oceanography

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Akbarzadeh et al. 2019 – Effects of damming on river nitrogen fluxes – a global analysis
229 downloads bytes
Frield and Wuest 2001 – Disrupting biogeochemical cycles – Consequences of damming
225 downloads bytes
Prinsenberg 1991 – Effects of Hydro-Electric Projects on Hudson Bay's Marine and Ice Environments
230 downloads bytes
Reckendorfer et al. 2018 – Drawdown flushing in a chain of reservoirs-Effects on grayling populations and implications for sediment management
200 downloads bytes
Ye et al. 2003 – Changes in Lena river streamflow hydrology – human impacts versus natural variations
223 downloads bytes

Greenhouse Gases

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Tranvik et al. 2009 – Lakes and reservoirs as regulators of carbon cycling and climate
218 downloads bytes
Wang et al. 2018 – Effects of dams on riverine biogeochemical cycling
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Further Reading Material

Gulf of Maine Research

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Name Downloads File Size
A Model Study of the Seasonal Circulation in the Gulf of Maine
215 downloads bytes
Coastal Circulation and Physical Oceanography of the Scotian Shelf and the Gulf of Maine
230 downloads bytes
Correlations of FIsh Catch and Environmental Factors in the Gulf of Maine
226 downloads bytes
Vegetation and proximity to the river control amorphous silica storage in ariparian wetland
222 downloads bytes

Additional Hydropower Research 

Name Downloads File Size
Name Downloads File Size
A Review of the Effects of Hydrologic Alteration on Fisheries and Biodiversity and the Management and Conservation of Natural Resources in Regulated River Systems
192 downloads bytes
Environnmental and social impacts of large cale hydro-electric development – who is listening
231 downloads bytes
Fragmentation of Andes-to-Amazon connectivity by hydropower dams
215 downloads bytes
Global-Scale Environmental Effects of Hydrological Alterations – Introduction
196 downloads bytes
Hydrological alterations with river damming in northern sweden – implications for weathering and river biogeochemistry
196 downloads bytes
National Geo 1982 Hydro-Quebec Article
186 downloads bytes
Planning dam portfoliios for low sediment trapping shows limits for sustainable hydropower in Mekong
166 downloads bytes
Spatial design priciples for sustainable hydropower development in river basins
205 downloads bytes
Sustainable reservoir operation – can we generate hydropower and preserve ecosystem values
167 downloads bytes
The interference of hydro-electric power production with natural effects of the north atlantic hydrological cycle on a marine food web
193 downloads bytes

River Diversions and Cycling 

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Case histories of regulated stream flow an its effects on salmonid populations
203 downloads bytes
Effects of river regulation and diversion on marine fish and invertebrates
187 downloads bytes
Influence of flow diversions on giant freshwater pearl mussel populations in the Ebro River, Spain
188 downloads bytes
Nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon in riparian ecosystems along the Berg River (South Africa) – the effect of increasing human land use
174 downloads bytes

Silica Dynamics

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Name Downloads File Size
A trade-off between dissolved and amorphous silica transport during peak flow events
163 downloads bytes
Biogenic silica – a neglected component of the coupled global continental biogeochemical cycles of carbon and silicon
170 downloads bytes
Deforestation causes increased dissolved silicate losses in the hubbard brook experimental forest
199 downloads bytes
Dissolution of biogenic silica from land to ocean – role of salinity and pH
199 downloads bytes
Effect of the Silicon Content of Diatoms on Protozoan Grazers
190 downloads bytes
Groundfish overfishing, diatom decline, and the marine silica cycle – lessons from saanich inlet, canada, and the baltic sea cod crash
195 downloads bytes
Role of diatoms in silicon cycling and coastal marine food webs
171 downloads bytes
The Global Biogeochemical Silicon Cycle
198 downloads bytes
The transport and retention of dissolved silicate by rivers in sweden and finland
164 downloads bytes
Transport and retention of dissolved silica in rivers of the conterminous USA
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