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Since 1992, we have been working to create a sustainable Sebago Lake.

The Whole Dam Truth

Click here to read The Whole Dam Truth article “The facts about the far reaching impacts of large dams are now coming of interest by the public, especially so, as climate changes is accelerating and marine ecosystems are further deteriorating. This national article is the first that we know of

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Songo Beach at Sebago Lake State Park May 6, 2022, 266.45’ msl D. Boxer photo

WQC letter to Governor Mills August 10, 2023

Governor Janet Mills August 10, 2023 1 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333 Re: A request that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MeDEP) reopen the Sebago Lake Water Quality Certification (WQC) for FERC Project No. 2984-080 to address and correct the following: MeDEP’s justification for their Sebago Lake WQC

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Arctic Blue Deserts

Greetings,  FOSL is very pleased to announce that Arctic Blue Deserts, a book by FOSL’s founding President Steve Kasprzak, has just been published. This book is a valuable collection of scientific information and discussion about the impacts of northern dams and their flow regulation. Arctic Blue Deserts focuses on the mega dams of the

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The mission of Friends of Sebago Lake (FOSL) is to promote an understanding of the interconnected harmful impacts of unnatural freshwater flows by dam regulation and to advocate for the restoration of natural freshwater seasonal water flows from inland waters to the seas.


FOSL’s mission includes the re-unification of fragmented freshwater ecosystems caused by dams impassable to fish. FOSL works for requirements that all dams in Maine have safe and effective fish passage for the full restoration of the historical range of Maine’s diadromous fishes.

We Pay Attention

To serve as a watchdog over those who regulate the flow of freshwater for their pleasure in their adherence to the laws of the Clean Water Act and State and Federal dam license requirements.

In The Name of Science

Promote the need for scientific study of the impacts of unnatural freshwater flow on the water quality and ecosystems of Sebago Lake and other Maine lakes and their water continuums all the way to the Gulf of Maine.

Friendly Restoration

Require the restoration of more natural seasonal cycles of freshwater flow in our lakes and rivers.

Fight For The Fish

Fight for the restoration of access and safe passage of diadromous fish to Sebago Lake and all Maine river watersheds.

From Here to the Sea

Advocate for and support scientific study of the relationship of unnatural freshwater flow on nutrient flux changes impacting coastal phytoplankton populations, coastal ecosystems, ocean acidity, and climate change



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