This letter to the United States Army Corps of Engineers by Steve Kasprzak is another part of our continuing effort to inform the regulatory agencies of the impacts of hydro dams and flow regulation.  Steve has put together this masterpiece of “collecting the dots” of available information from different scientific disciplines.  This letter is now part of the permanent public record.  We have devoted much time to collecting the available information. When we first started collecting this information for the Eel Weir dam relicensing it was and still is difficult to find scientific studies and scientists who are not afraid to speak about it. Scientists who have publicly dismissed our requests for scientific study of the impacts of these hydro projects belong to organizations that have strong ties to Quebec Hydro, Avangrid, CMP, CLF, or companies that are in the water extraction or transmission line business.  Thanks to the internet we are able to access information from all over the world. Scientists are still afraid or kept from speaking about hydro dams and flow regulation.  This letter is a warning that if we do not start understanding the impacts of these dams, our lives and the life in the ocean and the climate will never be the same.  We include the plight of the North Atlantic Right Whale in the list of victims of hydro dams.  Boat strikes and entanglement are significant but that should not cause an almost nonexistent birthrate recently. Scientific literatures cites food supply is directly related to calving success.