Friends of Sebago Lake -- Issue Number One:

The Way Sebago State Park used to look:

This is the Sebago Lake State Park "camping beach" on a typical summer day in the 1960s. Note the very wide natural sand beaches, something Sebago Lake has long been known for.

This is Sebago Lake State Park today at Songo Beach. In this photo, FOSL president Roger Wheeler stands next to a 150 year old red pine tree toppled by high water in the 1990s. Today, there is little beach left at Songo Beach at Sebago State Park. Note the beach chairs in the shade of trees.

Note the almost complete loss of the park's natural sand beach in 1999 and the old-growth pitch pines collapsing into the water. Note the wide, natural sand beach at the State Park in the 1960s which extended far beyond the tree line.

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