Friends of Sebago Lake

Protecting Maine's Finest Beaches

How Maine’s Sea-Run Fish were Overfished to Oblivion

A few early to mid 1800s historic references I just came across illustrate how early and quickly the sea-run fish of Maine rivers were wiped out by over-fishing: Citation: William Durkee Williamson. 1832. The History of the State of Maine. Vol. 1. Glazer, Masters & Co. Hallowell, Maine. At...

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How Natural Lake Levels Rebuild Natural Beaches

The above photo is from April 1, 1992 at Songo Beach at Sebago Lake State Park. It was taken by geologists with the Maine Geological Survey. On this day the lake was at 263.92 feet msl. The long 2-3 foot high piles of sand were bulldozed up the beach...

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Silica Depletion and Lake Regulation

Everything in Nature is Connected.

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FOSL Research Fuels New Book On Maine’s Alewives

“Alewife” is a personal, biological and historical account of the alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus), one of the (formerly) most abundant sea-run fish of the U.S. Atlantic seaboard. It is the only full-length treatment of the natural and cultural history of this keystone wildlife species ever written. The newly published book...

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Dry Spring Prevents Sebago Reaching Full Pond

An unusually dry April and May has caused Sebago Lake to remain more than a foot below its ‘full pond’ target of approx. 266.65 feet mean sea level (msl). From late April to early May the lake flattened out at 265.35 msl despite S.D. Warren allowing only the legally...

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Watts Offers Settlement on Sebago Lake Lawsuit

Roger Wheeler of Friends of Sebago Lake has sent out my Maine Superior Court appeal, filed May 8, 2013, for the Maine DEP water quality certification issued in August 2011 for the Eel Weir Dam at Sebago Lake. This U.S. Clean Water Act certification will legally control the health of...

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